Players are now pleased to be able to offer a catalogue of 28 past shows (right up to August 2011) on DVD. Each DVD can be had for £6 from John Clegg. Go to the DVDs page to see what is available.

Theatre Day 2011

This will be held on Saturday, October 29th at the Hotel Bristol, Newquay. Prices this year will be £23 per head for the dinner and £10 per head for the workshop. If you wish to book both at the same time the price is £30 per head for the two. Tickets will become available from early September. Details of when and how to get them will be published on our website so keep your eyes peeled. We are usually oversubscribed.


Hello all, I hope you are enjoying your summer break.

Old actors never die…..they simply lose the plot – 10th – 13th August.

We have been working very hard and are looking forward to seeing you and all your friends and family. The play is very funny with a few saucy bits! You really must come and see Dika and Edward as you’ve never seen them before.

Dark River.

Early rehearsals are going well, there are still a few parts available. Shelley hopes that some of the adult members will take small walk on parts. Contact her on 01326 314696 or for details. The youngsters are so enthusiastic about the script, it is a joy to see.

Rehearsals continue as soon as the Play run ends. Production dates are     26th – 29th October.


Carole is busy working on the script ( where does she find the time?) First read through will be early November.

Next Summer.

Yes, we really are planning for next year!

Dick would like to do another Gilbert and Sullivan – H.M.S. Pinafore is the hot favourite this time. Now, you know Dick, there is a big but coming….We can’t do it unless we can find some more men – preferably young and agile and good singers!!! Please have a think about who you could invite to join us. However, there is a Plan B! If we can’t do Pinafore, we will revert to the “Magic of the Musicals” show we had to cancel earlier this year so whatever happens we’ve got a Dick show to look forward to.

Wardrobe sorting.

Over the past weeks Carole and her gang – too numerous to mention – have had a massive sort out of every garment we own. Everything has been catalogued, boxed up and labelled so she can now put her hand on anything she is asked for. A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to all who helped in any way.

While undertaking this mammoth operation, Kippy and Mike had a thought! I know, very unusual. What if we built a floor between the two ‘up top areas’? This would vastly increase our storage  space both for costumes and props.

P.C.C. have given permission and Kippy is discussing the design with the planning officer. This will be a big job and also cost quite a bit. Put your thinking caps on about fundraising or places we could try for a grant.

Web site.

John has been busy up dating our web site,

You must take a look. Photos will be added shortly. If you think of anything else which will enhance the site give John a yell. 01326 314696 or email

Polo shirts, hoodies etc.

Jason is co-ordinating a new order for Players – logo shirts and hoodies.Have you given him your order yet?

Les Miserables.

Hah that made you look twice! No, we aren’t doing the show BUT the next best thing. Two professional West End performers are coming down to run a workshop for us. It will be on Sunday 20th November. 10am – 4pm.

The cost will be £30 per person including lunch. Numbers are limited so first come first served. You will learn some of the songs from the show, and some of the original choreography, and then perform what you have learnt at 4pm, when you can invite friends or family along to watch.

It might seem a lot of money but when you think how much we spend on tickets to go to shows and other events, it really promises to be value for money. (You could always ask for it as a Christmas present) Give your names to either me or Dick as soon as possible with a £10 deposit.


While I’m writing this I might as well bring Christmas up. If any of you have a suggestion about what we could do this year please say. It’s not too early to start planning.

That’s it for now, see you at the play.


Greetings all.

Lots to tell you this time. Keep your diaries handy. Well, we’ve just had our AGM. Great to see you all. What a hectic time we had! For the first time in ages we had lots of nominations for the committee. We ‘oldies’ are delighted that there is some new blood, bursting with help and ideas to take us into the new year. Hear, hear! – Dick The new committee are:

    Chairman – Dick Hocking
    Vice chair – Dika Jewell
    Secretary – Bar Hart
    Treasurer – Neil Harvey
    Youth rep – James Mills
    Members – Kippy Jewell, Mike Beard, John Clegg, Jason Lessiter, Carole Mitchell, Michelle Clegg, Shirley Smith, Beryl Chapple.

They are all eager to talk to you and pass on your comments to the committee. Carole retired as Chairman and Karen as Treasurer. They were presented with beautiful photo frames as a small token of our appreciation for all they’ve done over the years. Dick and Jack were made life members of the society. Then, Jack was presented with the Judy award. What an overwhelming experience for him!

While we are on the subject of AGM, can I pinch a bit of Bar’s newsletter space to say a couple of people have asked about the voting at the AGM. I have double-checked with Derek (our AGM teller), and I can confirm that ALL votes were counted, including any papers which had less than 8 votes entered on them. Hopefully that will clear up any confusion – but thanks for raising it. We like people asking questions and being involved in what is going on!! Dick x

Production news.

Summer: The play chosen for the summer is ‘ Old actors never die…they simply fade away’. This is set in an old peoples home with a difference. It is a very funny farce which we think will be ideal for a summer audience. Dates are 10th- 13th August.

Youth production – ‘ Dark River’.

Hello everyone! The wait is almost over…. We will soon be meeting up for the first read through of this musical play which will set sail from 26 – 29 October. The story traces the fortunes of the poorest of the human chain in Victorian London, from the mudlarks who scour the Thames mud for a pittance, to the crossing sweepers, costers and pickpockets. Into their midst comes a mysterious stranger from the country who is running from her Rotherhithe employer. There are parts for all ages – including adults – so a larger than usual cast will be needed. ** First read through will be on Sunday 3rd July at 4.30.** If you are interested and would like more information please email Shelley – or give her a call 01326 314696. This will be Shelley’s first time as director so I hope you give her every support. Our pantomime this year will be Cinderella, directed by Carole – details later.

Singing for fun.

Unfortunately, this is taking a short break for the summer, but Dick hopes to begin again in September. (I can’t wait to hear Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves!) Right, let’s move on to more fun stuff. A few of us attended a quiz evening organised by our friends at RAMPS recently. It was great fun. They have now invited us to join in a car treasure hunt on 29th May. Meet at Morrisons car park (the one on the right, with the recycling bins) at 2.30pm. There is an entry charge of £5 per car. (If Rose is going PLEASE will someone drive her!!) Polo shirts, hoodies – Jason is our new co-ordinator and is eager to take orders from you. DVD’S – John has been very busy and now has an extensive back catalogue of most of our past shows. He and Shelley have been having great fun watching them and seeing us all grow up. He will send you a copy of any show for the small cost of £6. This includes a donation to Players funds, so you will be supporting your future productions while you are enjoying the past ones!! A number of our Youth group have recently left school. We wish them every success in their exams results and future careers. More news as I make it up. Bye for now.

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